Overlooking Climate Change


Hello Everyone

I was jolted to reality with this article. As we consume our days with the mighty will of our economies, the planet is falling apart. We are so wrapped up in conditioned immediate gratification that we can no longer see the devastation ahead of us. The slide show on this national geographic website shows the looming doom for our very existence. The picture of the polar bear was particularly poignant Present political forces are challenging our efforts for self preservation. Yet we seem to wake up every morning bowing to them. This article gives us a small glimmer of hope we can hopefully act upon. Here is a site that is very interesting in its efforts to safeguard the planet.

Has anyone experienced strange climate in their respective areas of the world? This year in Ottawa, Canada  the winter has been an incredible contrast between very cold and snowy weather and warmer weather sometimes within a week. This not only results in dangerous icy situations but also creates potential flooding and infrastructure damage. I know that Australians have experienced their hottest summer ever. 

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