Michael Jackson Tragedy

Finished watching the HBO documentary "Leaving Neverland" What a powerfully disturbing experience. Having worked (12 years ago) for a Distress/Suicide intervention line for over 8 years, I felt  the pain and trauma of these two men. The events depicted in the film not only shattered family dynamics but falsely gave hope to two 7 year old boys who were innocently seeking  self gratification and fame. Michael Jackson, despite these heinous probable acts was himself a tragic figure. Raised with an absent childhood, he used a new found power to intimidate, manipulate and hurt to fulfill his sexual delusions.

The reactions to this film narrative will be varied but the unmistakable truth is the weight of the lies that these two individuals kept hidden for sooo many years. As adults, they are struggling with deeply rooted conflicts that will probably haunt them for the rest of their lives. If Michael Jackson were alive today, he might still be befriending children at times for the wrong abusive reasons. He evaded the law through his power to coerce and he sought to victimize and blame the victims if they did not testify to his "clean"  celebrity persona. This is a tragedy on all sides and Michael Jackson's vulnerability came through in the film when he frequently visited one of the boy's family home. In my view he was craving  a "normal" family life...Everyone suffered...

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