The only proof he needed for the existence of God was music” - Kurt Vonnegut

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The Ghost ©️



I saw a ghost not long ago

It showed itself as a reaper foe

And I knew it was chasing me 

Lord give me a second chance

I cant deny its just circumstance

And I know that shadow"s  catching me

And I know that shadow"s  catching me

All I need is clarity and all I crave is clemency

Time now is growing short 

No way to repent and forge

Cuz I know that ghost is circling me

As my hours are few and hazed

I see the reaper's not gonna wait

And I know I can feel him here 

And I know I can feel him here

All I need is to save my soul

Spirituality evermore

Regrets I have so many so few 

A life so burdonned with nothing new

And I know hes taking me

 And I know he’s taking me....

Down to Georgia ©️



Going down to Georgia

Trying to clear my mind


Ain’t nobody there waitin

But I need to spend some time 

yes I do 


Once knew a woman there

She set my soul on fire 


Now Im just burnin

And the ashes are  blowin out




Oh Lord give me hope

Oh Lord give me peace 

Oh Lord give me strength

Oh Lord help me last


I need to find a new way

To make my thing fade away


Going down to Georgia

Trying to clear my mind


Ain’t nobody there waitin

But I need to spend some time 

yes I do

Casualties ©️


It occurred to me that most things

Can be strong

But they can be weak

It appears to me that often what's wrong

is seen as strong


Chorus: Living in the web of life

Trying to see the self made right

Oh we glorify (sanctify) some things (those things)

Oh we can't see the the harm (pain)  it brings


It seems so strange to me

That we can kill in the name of God

And  it stifles me

That we do it from all marquees




It seems unwise to me

That so few people control the doubt

And it frustrates me

That all power dictates throughout




It seems astounding to me

That we persist

As a species of life

Given our frailties 

How can we survive the casualties


Rodeo Drive ©️


Sweet one cant you see I m no good on my own

And here you go sending me on the road alone


I’m on a ride

I’m on a ride

Called  rodeo love

Never knowing where my next feeling  goes


Drifting with my honey heavy on my  heart

All my memories racing from the start


I’m on a ride

I’m on a ride

Called Rodeo love

Hanging on so tight when I know Im  falling off




Gotta start trying to change my errant ways

Not sure how long I can take these hurtin days


I’m on that ride

I’m on that ride tonight

never understood  that curse called rodeo love


Why is my soul always craving lasting love

A feeling thats always there and hard to overcome


Oh give me strength

Oh give me strength tonight

cant seem to shake that thing called Rodeo Love

Sinking down

Sinking down

Hour of Darkness ©️


Many years of trying to find myself

It didn't matter much to me

Highs and lows

Ebbs and flows

Eroding slowly

Through my soul


Chorus: Well in my hour of darkness

Time stood still

In my depths of sadness

My test of wills


As an actor in a never ending scene

I always catered 

To what was screened

Perpetual motion

of a damaging notion

Shook the core right out of me


In my hour of darkness

Set me free

Break these shackles 

That stifle me


Here I am moment by moment

Tryng to live life in the now

No more guesses, no more stresses

I want my happiness somehow


On  my passage to wellness

I reached within

changing my perception

of where life begins

Life begins x3

Odyssey ©️


A Hundred miles down the interstate

I take my broken dreams with me

listening to the song on the radio

reminds me of where Ive been

Lost my job and the girl of my dreams

Nothing that was promised in that self help magazine

Its just an odyssey


Where Im going might just make me free

Another 1000 miles to see

The ups and downs got to even out 

Make me see things more enjoyably 

They say the way I see things brings me down

So an open mind should get me off the ground

Its just an odyssey


Cityscape comes in my view

Ah The pillars of success

Where Ill start is anyones guess

New dreams always start me fresh

Adversity brings opportunity

Strength and change take hold presumably 

Its just my odyssey 


Yesteryears ©️


Met a girl in SAN Anton

She took my breath away

Got me thinking of all I could have

Reminded me of yesteryears


Cindy Lynn was her name

She had me mesmerized

Hook line sinker she was 

Im thinking of my yesteryears


Chorus: Oh Lord. my sweet Marie

She was the one for me

I know I'll never get her back

Lord she passed so suddenly




My feelings never got to love

I thought I could forget

But everywhere I look around

Reminds me of yesteryears


Now I'm trying to find my way

It always starts so well

But give it  any kind of time

Reminds me of my yesteryears