Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”

— Plato

May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds”

— Edward Abbey

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 Under the desert moon
The shadows of my thoughts
Casting all my hopes and dreams
Taking reflective moments 
To their most extreme
Facing fears I've never seen

I’m on this  road to nowhere
I bide my time
All my pain and sorrow
In this pantomime

Demons found their way
To my heart and soul
Dancing on the weakness
Of my mind
Making my temptations
Seem so sublime
Turning consequences into lies

Repeat Chorus

Where do I go now
In the stillness of the night
Peace surrounds me
From all sides
The raging pain inside me
Cannot appreciate
My being now capitulates

Repeat Chorus x2



You lived your life singing in the rain 
Seeing the very best in all that came
The sun was shining on things dear to you
You lived your life making them all true

So many dreams so many hearts to fill with joy
The warmth, the smile the laughter 
We were always so entertained
That life long  journey made so many heartfelt friends
From ranches far and wide to cars and hockey play

Repeat Chorus

Compassion found its way to the ones that you touched
So many people blessed to know they had you on their side
You taught so many to believe that things could be right
Nothing could ever stand in the way of your foresight cuz

Repeat Chorus:

We carry on and live our lives 
Through the memory of all you gave
Making the world  a little better place 
We’re sure you would appreciate
Fare thee well my friend on your hero's journey
You're a man whose spirit will always always always be there cuz you......  

Repeat Chorus


As we pass the gate
Pathway illuminates
Nature’s healing sights and sounds
The river flows with might 
To the eyes’ delight
Dancing the waltz of life

I’m on  this peaceful journey here with you
Leaving urgency behind
Living moments of joy and harmony
Second chorus: (joy and clarity)
Feeling life as one

Further down our way
A lake reflecting sunrays
Shining bright as the Cygnus stars
The hues of blue and green
Make us both convene
To the shore for tranquility

Repeat Chorus

As our pathway ends
Sand dunes do transcend
To the view of a mighty sea
In all it's ever splendour
This wondrous show of nature
Makes us ponder the balance of being      

Repeat Chorus


Flying to the Dutch Harbour
Marking miles from Anchorage
The Blue Grey sea still waits for me
On the busy docks
The season about to start
Preparations are all abound
I see that 90 footer
Always a sight for sore eyes
They call the vessel "Made for Me"

Glacial winds will blow at 90 knots
Without relent or mercy for the crew
Crabbers surrounded everywhere by death
On the Bering Sea

As we make our way to St Matthew's island
My body is warning me
Chopping bait throwing bags
Working the heavy pots
Will take their toll in this frozen world
The prize will be we hope to see
20000 pounds from this horrid sea

Repeat Chorus

As the thunderous might of the waves upon us
Greeting uninvited guests
Makes me always wonder why we never ponder
These persistent risks to life
It's been a slow night for the Blue King Crab
But tomorrow will be a better day

Repeat Chorus


From a distance oh so far the mountain tops prevail
Ranging like majestic guardians on a mighty scale
I feel the power and spirit of nature’s omni force
Making me feel small on my human course

Trailhead start my journey
To mountain high
Give me mindful entry
To ease my mind

Emerald lakes so deep are calling me
So very still and so serene
Peace of mind and body so combined 
mirror all my hopes and dreams

Repeat Chorus

Secrets in the shale mark our sense of time
Hold my memories of our love so divine
Take my hand in yours and feel nature’s spell
As we enter the magic that makes us all so well

Repeat Chorus

River so pure take me all the way downstream
Take my stresses from the concrete mainstream
Surround my life with balance and harmony
Help me understand my spirituality

Repeat Chorus
To ease my mind x3